TV Drama



1990  曲終人未散        There's No Ending



    鬼做你老婆        Spiritual Wife

1991  爭雄歲月         All out of Love



    香港奇案         Hong Kong Criminal Archive

    勝者為王         Who is the Winner ?

1992  八婆會館

    點解阿Sir 係隻鬼      Why is my Teacher a Ghost ?

    摩登七十二家房客     All in One Family

    烈火雄風         Flame

    仙鶴神針         Mythical Crane and Magical Needle '92

    李小龍傳         Spirit of the Dragon

1993  劍神不敗         The Noble Conflict


    中國教父         Shanghai Godfather

    勝者為王III 之王者之戰   Who is the Winner ? III

1995  精武門          Fist of Fury

1996  誰是兇手         Who is the Killer?

1997  我來自潮州        Proud of Chaozhou

1998  我來自廣州        I come from Guangzhou

    流氓-律師         A Lawyer Can Be Good

1999  縱橫四海         Flaming Brothers

    英雄-廣東十虎       Ten Tigers of Guangdong

2000  影城大亨         Showbiz Tycoon



2002  法網伊人         Legal Entertainment

    騎呢大狀         A Case of Misadventure

    烈火雄心II         Burning Flame II

2003  洗冤錄II          Witness to a Prosecution II

    牛郎織女         The Legend of Love

    十萬噸情緣        Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love

2004  懸案追兇         Dark Shadow

    無名天使3D         Angels of Mission

    翡翠戀曲         Hard Fate

    心理心裏有個謎      Placebo Cure

2005  驚艷一槍         Strike at Heart

    佛山贊師父        Real Kung Fu

2006  人生馬戲團        The Biter Bitten

2007  同事三分親        Best Selling Secrets

2008  搜神傳          Legend of the Demigods

    畢打自己人        Off Pedder

2011  誰家灶頭無煙火      Be Home for Dinner



2000  識食新人類

    非常平等任務       A Mission for Equal Opportunities

2004  鐵窗邊緣         Road Back

2005  樓上樓下         Home Affairs

    十封信          Ten Letters

2010  功夫傳奇         Kung Fu Quest



1999  驚幻奇案

2000  掃冰者          Dare to Strike

2004  向生命致敬        Life So Good