New Bruce Lee Movie in Memory of Legend

A new film about actor and kung fu master Bruce Lee was released yesterday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the legend's death.

Writer and director Stephen Au Kam-tong,who also stars as Lee, said at the launch of What You Gonna Do Now, Sai Fung? yesterday that Lee was a pioneer and an inspiration to the Chinese film industry, who could stand alongside American stars Elvis Presley and James Dean.

"He has a very deep meaning to me - when I saw his first film when I was eight years old, he became an influence and I started learning kung fu," said Au, an adviser to the Bruce Lee Fan Club.

He said it was "a dream" to act in the film as his boyhood idol, especially depicting him as a teenager because "that was the most important part of his life".

"He used to be bad, a street kid - then through his master, he made up his mind he had to change."

Mr Au said his favourite Lee film was an obscure classic called My Son Ahsam.

"He has such an angry, furious image in that, something like Dean - it's very special," Mr Au said.

"Everything started with him - now Hong Kong movies are very popular and we have Jackie Chan and director John Woo in Hollywood."

About 300 people attened yesterday's film premiere at the Hong Kong, before Lee left for the United States.

The film was made for $180,000 and actors performed for free.

Mr Au is now negotiating its international release.

Re-enter the dragon

Stephen Au, writer, director and star of What Are You Gonna Do Now, Sai Fung? collects donations for Orbis at the film's launch yesterday, while a Bruce Lee impersonator demonstrates the martial arts skills that won Lee global fame.

-- from South China Morning Post, 24 Nov 1997 --